Legend to finally join Manchester United?

Twenty two years ago Manchester United passed up the opportunity to sign a player who became one of the greatest of all time because, according to Martin Edwards, Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t want to upset Eric Cantona.

That man was Zinedine Zidane. And while Manchester United failed to spot his genius as a player, the cauldron of hype continues to bubble about Zidane, the manager, joining the club.

Zinedine enjoyed unprecedented success with Real Madrid in his three years as head coach and has been a free agent since he chose to take a break at the start of the summer.

And many see his management style as the solution for a Manchester United who are still coughing and spluttering after five years of ‘transition’, post Sir Alex.

The hope of the Mourinho dissenters who support Manchester United is that Zidane can bring some attacking flamboyance back into this side. Because United not only trail the likes of Manchester City in points right now, but are also way back in the style stakes.

The Daily Mail once more stokes the fires today by using Zidane’s latest quotes to suggest something bigger.

They write:

Zidane admits he is raring to return to work as former Real Madrid manager sizes up Manchester United gig

They also suggest that Zidane has a list of targets for United should he take the job.

The actual quote simply states that the Frenchman is looking to get back into shape, but the tabloids don’t always let the facts get in the way of a good story.

‘Soon I will return to training because it is what I like and is what I have done all my life.’ Said Zidane.

It does seem like a compelling fit and Manchester United fans would surely be delighted if Zidane took the reins at the club.

But TFF senses a change of fortunes at Manchester United and feel that Mourinho is going to start getting the right results, even if it is at the expense of the spectacle.