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The Football Freak was started for those who are obsessed with the beautiful game and simply can’t get enough of football. Packed with stats, facts and insightful conjecture, we hope to provide our readers with something a little different from the norm.

The Football Freak strives to be the number 1 football predictions and sports betting website for Africa.

The Football Freak gives you:

– Football news

– Football transfers

– Football transfer rumours

– Football predictions

– Betting tips

– Betting promotions

– Free bets offers

– Betting strategies

– Casino bonuses

Meet our team


Robert is owner of thefootballfreak.com, internet entrepreneur and passionate about football.

Martijn is Chief Editor and Content Manager of TFF. He is 23-years old and responsible for the betting content on our website. Martijn has been working in and around football for over five years. Started at age 18 working for Opta Sports and now with TFF. All this, while watching an unhealthy amount of football in all forms possible. Completely obsessed with the beautiful game. So he is, without a doubt, a real football freak.

Next to Martijn and Robert we have regular contributions from people all over the world who love the game of football and would like to share their passion with us.

If you want to write for us, drop us an email at thefootballfreak7@gmail.com

If you want to get some serious exposure for your brand and reach millions of football fans, just email us at thefootballfreak7@gmail.com

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