Arsenal: World-class stadium and budget. World-class coach?

After the furore surrounding a naive defeat against Manchester United, Arsenal won in midweek and the panic has once more died down – for now.

It’s amazing how Arsenal seem to get over these regular defeats to the big boys without really learning form them. The wound heals up and then Arsene Wenger moves hopefully on as if the latest big loss was just a blip.

But you just don’t sense that progress is being made. And it’s almost inevitable that, whilst dispatching the smaller sides, Arsenal will struggle away to City and Liverpool over the next 8 weeks.

Moving forward, the biggest problem is the reverent handling of Wenger. He has done so much for the club and deserves respect.

But asking if he is a world class coach is akin to asking if Iker Casillas is a world class keeper. Casillas WAS world class but you can’t call him that any more. And a similar argument could be made for Wenger.

Wenger pioneered new training methods when he came to England and heralded a new dawn for English football, with Pro-zone documenting every step. He was also very successful in his first 5 years at Arsenal.

But he hasn’t been a serial winner for nigh on a decade and it must be stretching the patience of even the biggest fans of Wenger.

We too think he’s a great man. But it’s like he’s a chromosome shy of the perfect coach. His priority is to entertain rather than to win. Many salute such a strategy but others question why Arsenal, with such world class facilities and funds, are so far from winning the title.

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