Chelsea ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest says rival

Asked how close Manchester United are to winning the league again, Ryan Giggs said this week:

“It is a process, I mean I think everyone will agree Chelsea are head and shoulders above anyone else but it’s a process and you just have to try to keep improving and see where that takes you.

It seems like an obvious statement to make with Chelsea so far ahead of the rest in The Premier League.

But Ryan Giggs knows that, in so many ways, Chelsea are a team close to completion while the rest happen to be in some kind of transitional period.

Manchester City aren’t the force that they were last year and have a big psychological problem with Europe as well as the fact that their main man, Yaya Toure, will need replacing soonish.

Arsenal and Liverpool are all over the shop. And Manchester United are going through a massive period of turbulence.

We think that Chelsea are the best side in the league right now. But they have been made to look better because of the poor form of the rest.

But fear not football neutrals. We at The Football Freak believe that another club WILL make a challenge this season.

Jose Mourinho is the master of holding on to a lead. But The Blues have some tough fixtures coming up and when The Champions League kicks in to the knockout stages in the spring teams like Manchester United could well smell blood if they have found their own momentum by then.

Chelsea are miles clear right now but they have only played 12 league games. And it just wouldn’t be The Premier League without a few more thrills and spills before May.