Could Manchester United ‘Do a Tevez’ with Toure?

Reports today suggest that Yaya Toure’s beef with his club is far more profound than simply a lack of cake on his birthday.

The Daily Mail reports:

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has spoken of his sadness following the death of his brother Ibrahim and suggested that his club did not offer him sufficient support during a period which he describes as ‘the hardest in my life.’

After the initial problems with the club it looked as if this was all just a storm in a tea cup. But Toure’s problems with the club now seem far more serious and deep rooted.

So what chance a move to Manchester United? Carlos Tevez went the opposite way in 2009 and seemed to thrive on the added raison d’être that his move across the city ignited. Tevez’s form was superb at City and you can’t help but feel that it was partly fuelled by the frustration from his Manchester United days.

Few could afford Toure’s wages and, at 31, it may seem crazy to pay up to 250k a week to the player. But, along with Luis Suarez, Toure was the best player in England last season and he would almost certainly succeed at Manchester United.

If you believe that ‘what goes around comes around’ then perhaps Manchester United could try to rub their neighbours’ noses in it this summer by making a move for one of the best players that this league has seen. It’s unlikely – but stranger things have happened.

Manchester United fans – would you take Toure?