‘A Beautiful Thing’: One legend looks likely to join while another set to leave Manchester United – report

Ryan Giggs is expected to announce his departure from Manchester United over the next few days according to British media outlet The Daily Mirror.

After weeks of speculation the source says that senior figures at the club expect him to sever ties with the club after 29 glorious years at Manchester United:

Manchester United bosses believe Ryan Giggs is ready to walk away from the club

TFF Cards on the table

Giggs may not have been an unanimous success as a coach at the club during troubled times – though we shouldn’t judge his skills based on two failed managerial tenures of his bosses – but his mere presence at the club is surely important.

We felt that Giggs would have been well served by sticking around for another year at least. If he is serious about going into management then who better to finish his education under than Jose Mourinho?

We also feel that if he fails in his first managerial job away from the club then his career as a manager will already be doomed. But if he stuck around and eventually got the job as Manchester United boss, even outright failure at Old Trafford probably wouldn’t end his managerial career. He’d get a second chance at a smaller club.

It’s a sad decision for most United fans.

In other news Zlatan Ibrahimovic is undecided about whether he will move to Manchester United according to his agent. The accepted wisdom on this was that it was all but a done deal.

But his agent told French publication TF1:

“Moving to Manchester United would be a beautiful thing. It’s a great team with a great coach. I’ve made my decision, but it has not yet taken”

That still sounds pretty nailed-on to us. We fully expect Manchester United to line up with Zlatan next season and firmly believe that he will be a revelation at the club as he applies his masterful finishing to the pacy service he should expect from the wide areas and the brilliant distribution of Wayne Rooney from a deeper midfield role.

And a certain Borussia Dortmund playmaker at number 10?