A Good Player Swap for Manchester United?

It has been reported this week that Manchester United may demand the services of Toni Kroos if Real Madrid really want to bring David de Gea to the Bernabeu this summer.

British media outlet, The Independent, reported:

Manchester United will demand Toni Kroos in return if they’re forced to sell David de Gea to Real Madrid

Last summer a protracted deal for De Gea to Real Madrid failed to get over the line due to administrative errors on the last day of the window.

And De Gea soon signed a new contract with Manchester United which puts the club in a much stronger bargaining position this time around.

As we all know, clubs are largely governed by the whims of footballers these days and if De Gea decides he wants to leave Old Trafford Manchester United may have to accept his request.

But would a swap deal be a good move?

In every sense the answer has to be yes.

David de Dea is one of the best players at Manchester United and one of the best keepers in world football.

But TFF has always believed that if you have to lose a world class player then a goalkeeper is the best case scenario.

Keepers can save teams many points but how many of you would take De Gea over Alexis Sanchez or Eden Hazard?

The latter two are players who can win games and carve out results by scoring goals. Keepers don’t have that power.

And Kroos is exactly what Manchester United need going forward – a rudder to steer the team after Michael Carrick retires. A player who can bring shape, tempo and supreme passing to the XI.

Manchester United would probably need to bring in another keeper if they sold De Gea. Sergio Romero isn’t top quality.

But they would struggle to acquire a better midfield partner for Paul Pogba than Toni Kroos.

United fans: a perfect addition or is De Gea a better bet?