Bizarre story: Manchester United manager doesn’t want this man at the club – respected news outlet

This one has to be among the stranger stories that you will hear this summer as Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, is apparently keen to get rid of Ryan Giggs from Old Trafford amid fears of a potential rivalry with the legend.

In a report that will do little endear the Manchester United doubters to Mourinho, The Times, a highly respected British media outlet, states:

Mourinho too wary of Giggs to have him as No 2

The report says that Manchester United’s new boss has ‘vetoed’ the appointment of Giggs as his number two because he is concerned that the Welshman could become a managerial rival at the club.

Normally we would dismiss such rumours out of hand. Ryan Giggs is not only a Manchester United legend but probably the worst person that Mourinho could have chosen to ostracise.

Had he decided against using Giggs because of his coaching ability, or lack of, it would have been easier to swallow.

But if this story has substance, and let’s remind you that this is one of the most respected news sources in England, Mourinho may find himself in hot water with Manchester United fans from the get-go.

He is paid to make tough decisions but Manchester United fans will at least expect him to make decisions for the right reasons.

But this move smacks of Mourinho at his petty worst.

Giggs has been the number two at Manchester United for the last three years, under the guidance of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal – both reins ended in generally perceived failure.