Not Zlatan: Manchester United’s best player vs West Brom?

Manchester United are starting to purr again and back-to-back away wins against tricky opponents are a great gauge of the progress at the club.

One of the main reasons for the upturn is that Zlatan has started hitting the target in every game.

Despite his amazing talent he showed real profligacy in front of goal in Manchester United’s recent run of draws which led many to believe that their title race was already run.

But 10 goals in nine games shows a great return to form for the 35-year-old master and how Manchester United needed that scoring injection.

But TFF feels that a more unsung hero again deserves the plaudits for making this game so comfortable.

Until this season you wouldn’t have picked out Ander Herrera as the man for a gritty away trip to West Brom. With his small frame and creative game he’d have been better suited to a home match with more technical play.

But he continues to be one of the finds of the season as a more defensive midfielder and he makes Carrick look even better. Herrera runs hard and gets stuck in much more than he used to.

And when you add his god given talent and technique we are starting to see a very influential player at Manchester United.

So TFF thinks that Herrera edges out Zlatan for his all round contribution and the hunger with which he is approaching every game right now.

He and Zlatan share that drive and while the Swede will get most of the plaudits, the Spaniard is making Manchester United tick right now.

United fans: your man of the match?