Reports in France: £35m Bid Tabled by Arsenal

Arsenal have tabled a bid of £35m for the brilliant winger Riyad Mahrez according to respected French media outlet L’Equipe.

BBC writes:

Arsenal have made an improved bid of £35m for Leicester City winger Riyad Mahrez, having had a £30m offer for the 25-year-old turned down. (L’Equipe)

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has always had a penchant for playmakers and Mahrez was The Premier League Player of the year in 2015/16 with 18 goals and a similar number of assists from out wide.

While many Arsenal fans will opine that this is not what the club needs right now – the priority should surely be the injury hit centre of defence and the striking position – it would be difficult not to be excited by the wonderful talents of Mahrez.

Perhaps the strategy of Wenger is to always buy top players when they become remotely gettable, regardless of their position.

Because Arsenal have struggled to compete in the market over the last few years and there is little doubt that the 25-year-old Algerian is now a top tier talent.

With rumours abounding this week about the future of Mesut Ozil – he and Alexis Sanchez are both yet to sign new contracts – the Arsenal boss may not only be looking to this season but the longer term future of the club.

There is little doubt that Mahrez will move on next year if not this and if Arsenal can snatch him ahead of their rivals then why not?

We could easily imagine a 4-2-3-1 with Sanchez and Mahrez either side of Ozil in a wonderful supporting cast for the number 9. And if Arsenal can bring a top striker in too, they will be flying.

But, as usual with Arsene Wenger and The Gunners, there are too many ifs and buts.


  1. It ain’t gonna happen! ‘Top’ players and ‘Good’ players are not attracted to Arsenal anymore (unless they are forced into it by being pushed out by their club aka. Ozil, Sanchez, and Cech). These players want trophies, and Arsene Wenger is seen as a perennial underachiever. Mahrez will find a better club next season, as will Sanchez and Ozil. Ozil and Sanchez could be great players for Arsenal, but they (like all great players) need a decent team around them and a playing strategy that works. Arsenal has too many players that fall into the ‘average’ category (Ox, Walcott, Giroud, Mertesacker), and the strategy on the pitch is woeful – too any square and backward passes with little penetration, resulting in 65% possession and an opposition goalkeeper who could finish reading a book he has so much spare time on his hands. The players that could make a difference (Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Bellerin) waste their time getting nowhere.

    Man Utd under the Scottish One was not full of Top and Good players, he made sure they had enough of them and made sure the rest created a team that was greater than the sum of its parts. He then sent them out with a strategy that worked – 50% of possession, frighten the hell out of the opposition by constantly attacking them, and attack them even when there is only 10 seconds of the match left. The Scottish one did not build his teams by spending small amounts on players (Ferdinand cost £30m in 2002, Roomey cost £26m in 2004 – Wenger thinks he can be a winner by spending these sums or just a little more over a decade later!).

    Kroenke’s happy to Put the cash into his pocket every year and spend nothing, but in the 2017/18 season he may find there is no CL money coming in, and then no amount of money will bring Top and Good players to Arsenal.

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