Arsenal transfer latest: Lots going on

Referring mainly to The Guardian today, Arsenal seem to be keen on every man and his dog.

The Guardian Rumour mill says:

Arsenal will retaliate by attempting to steal Mario Mandzukic from under Chelsea’s nose

Good striker. Scores goals wherever he has played, including for Croatia, but we feel that he may not be all that different from Olivier Giroud…

before also attempting to add Steven Caulker to their ranks, who is not under Chelsea’s nose.

This guy is still so young (22) but surely a future regular for the England national squad. It seemed strange that Tottenham sold such a good young England player to Cardiff but Arsenal could do lot worse. This guy is solid, powerful and quick.

If that doesn’t work out, they are sniffing around Real Madrid’s Alvaro Morata too. Real want £24.1m but may accept £14.5m if a buy-back deal is included.

We haven’t seen an awful lot of this guy so far but £24m seems like an awful lot for a youngster who has no experience in England – especially for the incredibly prudent Arsenal manager. Can you imagine him splurging £24m on this guy? Didn’t think so…

But then buy-back deals don’t always work out. Carlos Vela, for example, would rather not be bought back by Arsenal and is keen to stay in Spain.

We aren’t sure what’s going on with this one. Depending on which report you read he either wants to stay is Spain or Arsenal have wrapped up a deal. Time will tell. Arsenal may buy him then sell him on at a massive profit if the lad doesn’t want to stay. Good business.

In news that will disappoint British newspaper subs looking for an easy headline, goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is also set to snub Arsenal for a life at Barcelona.

Arsenal will need a goalie after letting Flappyhandski go. Marshall and Casillas are also in the frame.

Perhaps Arsenal will have better luck with Bressan, the Gremio centre-back they’re giving the glad eye

This guy looks a bit spesh.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the opening ceremony peeps. We know that we will!