Whether Rumour or Reality, Martinez is perfect for Liverpool

Portuguese news outlet A Bola today reported on speculation linking Liverpool with a bid for Porto star Jackson Martinez. As you may now know there was a message posted on Twitter, apparently from Martinez, which said ‘Gracias Liverpool’.

The Twittersphere went mad and the player was forced to recant the statement and clarify that he had not been offered a contract by Liverpool.

Whether or not there is any real substance to the story it does actually make a lot of sense.

Liverpool have Daniel Sturridge and Rickie Lambert up top but we definitely think they need another striker – someone who can guarantee more goals.

It’s looking ever more likely that Luis Suarez will leave the club and it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Liverpool fans.

But the unpredictable nature of the player is such that now could turn out to be the best time to sell and get a really good price for Suarez.

Liverpool can spread that wealth amongst the team. They have already several excellent players and selling Suarez will surely give them even more funds to strengthen.

Perhaps there is a obvious weakness in his game which is stopping clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid bidding for Jackosn Martinez. But we can’t see it and think he would be an absolutely brilliant player for Liverpool.

With his pace, power and finishing ability he looks like exactly the sort of player who could fill the massive boots of Suarez. When Torres left Liverpool fans wondered how they would replace him. Suarez came along and was even better. Perhaps Martinez could up the ante yet again.

What is for sure is that this guy is a goal machine. He’s scored 60 in just 91 games for Porto and has regularly ‘broken the net’ wherever he has played. At 27 he’s a fully formed international and he’s surely ready to make his mark in England.