Manchester United: Louis van Gaal is the perfect man for the job

Anyone who saw Louis van Gaal’s first press conference as a Manchester United manager on Thursday afternoon will be filled with confidence about the immediate future of the club.

Because this is a man who isn’t bothered about pleasantries. He’s a man of authority, presence and clearly of strong football vision.

When he described working at Manchester United as akin to a holiday he did so in the best possible sense. He had been asked if it was a problem for him not taking a holiday between The World Cup and the Manchester United job. He said that ideally he would have had a break between the two positions but that he was really excited about the challenge and couldn’t miss out on the opportunity when it was presented to him.

But there is a real genuinity about the man and his passion for his work. Having won the league in each of the three countries in which he has managed he is hellbent on success at Manchester United. He also wants the team to play football in the right way.

So Manchester United fans shouldn’t just expect success over the next couple of years but also the attractive football hat they have become so used to over the last 20 years and beyond.

The Manchester United board made a real balls up with the appointment of David Moyes but we believe that they have completely redeemed themselves by appointing the Dutchman as the next Manchester United manager.